Enterprise Engagement: The Textbook defines engagement as "fostering the proactive involvement of people to acheive an organization's goals." While a few businesses may find it easy to engage their workforces, most find it a perplexing and daunting task. It can be tough to know what will actually motivate people. Most business owners jump right to cash as being the biggest motivator. However, research has proven time and time again that cash is not a good incentive at all. In some cases it can actively work against you when it comes to retention and motivation.

So, where do you start? The Engagement Framework is designed to help you structure the right engagement solution for your business. As you read down the list, think about each bullet and how they relate to your business's current motivation strategy. If you are new to the concept, this is an excellent way to begin formulating a plan.

Need back-up? Visit the Resources Page to view and download the latest research in the engagement field.

The Engagement Framework

Leadership: Clear goals, objectives, and performance measurements.

Assessment: Engagement surveys- the nominal group technique to gain input from key groups.

Campaign: A themed business plan with goals, strategies, tactics, and measures.

Communications: An intranet site or engagement portal that is the focal point for the campaign.

Learning: Incorporate the program into ongoing training and periodic testing.

Collaboration and Innovation: Invite participants to contribute ideas, case studies, best practices, how-to articles, or content that can enhance the program.

Recognition: Enable manager-to-employee and peer-to-peer recognition for desired results, behaviors, and actions.

Rewards: Use non-cash rewards to distinguish from compensation. Encourage communication at a company site where messages can be reinforced and where further assessment can occur.

Return on Investment: Assign a value to the results, behaviors, or actions being encouraged to measure effectiveness.

Technology: House your program(s) on a single site that handles the content, communications, quizzes, recognition and rewards.

The Engagement Framework is derived from information provided by the Enterprise Engagement Alliance (EEA)

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